A fishy tale from the King of the Storm Bats

“Going to try some cod liver oil to see if I can pull them in or hold them for a few moments”, went the Messenger message from photographic guru Rich Steel as the Leach’s wreck began to unfold today and he went after some images of one of his – and my – favourite species over at Leasowe.
“And some shellfish extract concentrate – but I’m scared to take the lid off that one”.

How did he get on trying to bait something as wild as a Leach’s Petrel aka Storm Bat?
Well these stunning images speak for themselves – many thanks for letting me post them on the blog Rich!

Soon everyone will be covered in cod liver oil when the westerlies blow.
The wind is a bit in the south west tomorrow, but I think there is still plenty of scope to catch up with these marvellous birds in Liverpool Bay for the next two days at least – and Wednesday’s raging hooley if it shows up, could be a Leach’s blasting beast!
Last word goes to Rich.
“I currently smell like Billingsgate Market on a hot summer’s day – however it did work…had a couple of birds stop in front of us for about ten minutes at very close range”.
Thanks again buddy.

6 thoughts on “A fishy tale from the King of the Storm Bats

    • With the wind forecast to pick up again there should be a few blown back onto the coast tomorrow Jack. National Trust may close due to high wind forecast, so Mersey mouth at Crosby or New Brighton are good bets or Ainsdale at low tide in the morning (they fly over the sands here and so are easier to spot at low tide). Dunes at Formby could be good over the tide, but if it’s not raining the sand blow could be ferocious. Good luck Jack!


  1. Hi John, good to meet you on Tuesday’s guided walk. No Leach’s on that occasion but followed your advice and went to New Brighton today and was duly rewarded with some great views.

    (Grey Phalarope also seen before I arrived and again a couple of hours after I’d left but we can’t have everything can we?)

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