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First time I’ve seen a Grey Squirrel on the seaward side of the Coast Rd at Marshside, today, but I think Greys are at their most dispersive at this time of year – there’s one in the garden at Dempsey Towers too, potentially rubbing shoulders with Reds, so it’s time to ring the number and arrange a “squirrel holiday” for them…
Perhaps one of the more interesting things amongst the branches though – I spent three hours interrogating Sycamores once the rain stopped with just Chiffchaffs, Goldcrests Greater ‘Peckers and Jays, Migrant Hawkers and Red Admirals as I walked the public footpath through Hesketh Golf Course.
Pretty much the same result from the same amount of effort checking the trees at Cabin Hill yesterday, with the added attraction of a few Small Coppers.

Only one Curlew Sandpiper on the lagoon at the back of Crossens Inner that I could see this afternoon, with at least 14 Ruff and a Dunlin, place looks great though.