A very wet owl

Conditions could hardly be described as perfect for hunting as I squelched into work through a rapidly flooding car park at Ainsdale this morning – so I was surprised to see a Barn Owl attempting to quarter the dunes beneath the office.
Just about the worse conditions possible for it – it perched up, drenched and looking thoroughly out of sorts after just a few moments.

Got a few blurry images of the bird in the gloom through the rain-streaked window and headed off to the first meeting of the day.
(“Sorry I’m late – Barn Owl on the fence” beats “dead Badger on the track at Basildon” every time Reggie).
I’d like to think it was a youngster, as late summer rain has probably made it a lousy season for them, but it was impossible to be sure as I tried to peer through the marram and the deluge.
Not a good morning to be a hungry owl though.