‘Scoping calmer seas…


Gave the falling tide a quick seawatch today from Ainsdale over lunchtime, mainly because it was so pleasant – barely a breath of wind from the north, blue skies etc.
Not much unexpected but the scoter horde was back to being impressive, with a “scoter scarf” strung along the coast as far as I could see to the north and south.
Hard to put a figure on them from a static position – at least 1,000 were visible from where I was sitting.

Ainsdale 1230-1330:

Common Scoter 1,000
Razorbill 19
Great Crested Grebe 13
Red Throated Diver 4
Scaup 1 male

Fly-by drake Scaup and growing numbers of Great Crests gave things a wintry feel, even though Skylarks and Goldfinches were still moving autumnal over the dunes.

2 thoughts on “‘Scoping calmer seas…

  1. Hi John, here’s the data on the colour ringed Common Gull I had on Ainsdale beach…

    “Resightings of a Colour Ringed Gull
    Thank you for your report of a CR-ringed Gull. Under you will find the details. In the event the bird is dead and you still posses the ring(s), we kindly urge you to send (them) to us. Resightings of our CR-ringed Gulls could be reported to Lista Ringing Group, Box 171, 4558 Vanse, Norway, on E-mail: gulls@ringmerking.no or the WEB page http://www.ringmerking.no/cr.
    CR-Code White ring with black code: J07Y LBWN(J07Y);RBM
    Ringing Centre Stavanger Museum (Norway) Ring number 5165628 Species Common Gull Larus canus
    Date Place Coordinates Observers Days/km/° 30.06 2004 Flatøya Nord, Ørland, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway 63°43’26″N 009°30’23″E Ring, Hans Einar –
    28.09 2015 Ainsdale beach, Merseyside, Great Britain 53°36’28″N 003°03’51″W Rothwell, Duncan 4107/1335/218″


  2. Got details of a ringed Mute Swan (BU6) I found dead on the coast between Ainsdale and Birkdale recently – it had been ringed as a cygnet at Old Hollows, Banks on 20/10/13, and had not been recorded since then.


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