Marsh and meadows


The tide was never going to be startling today down at Marshside, but it had been awhile since I spent any amount of time on the old patch, so I gave it a bash anyway in warm, calm and bright conditions today.
What’s left of the Sandplant was stuffed to the gunnels with Mipits with plenty of Skylarks overhead, and Linnets and Reed Buntings were stripping down seedheads.


Two or three Rock Pipits calling in the blue above, but as is usually the way, they didn’t give themselves up on the deck.
Crossens Inner and Outer were quite busy, with plenty of Lapwings, Golden Plover, Blackwits, smaller groups of Pinkies, alba wags and mipits.
Good roost of Redshank too.
The fenceposts were in demand, with Kestrel, Merlin and Peregrine all perched up while two Marsh Harriers were quartering further out.


This dodgy digi-scopage seems to show a young bird, the other appeared to be a crisper female.
Great White Egret flyby amongst the ever-increasing numbers of Little Egrets, and it was so balmy, Silver Y moth was still trying to feed on the withering flowerheads of crucifers.
I had business further south in the borough so decided to call into Lunt Meadows for a bit of quality owl time in the late afternoon, with two Barn Owls and one Short Eared Owl on show.
Brilliant to watch these things hunt in the golden light of the setting sun, but predictably the Short Eared Owl only came close enough for me to attempt “point and press” rubbish as the light began to fade to cold blurry grey…



Large numbers of Pinkies rising from the fields to the north behind Formby as the sun sank.