‘Scoping calmer seas…


Gave the falling tide a quick seawatch today from Ainsdale over lunchtime, mainly because it was so pleasant – barely a breath of wind from the north, blue skies etc.
Not much unexpected but the scoter horde was back to being impressive, with a “scoter scarf” strung along the coast as far as I could see to the north and south.
Hard to put a figure on them from a static position – at least 1,000 were visible from where I was sitting.

Ainsdale 1230-1330:

Common Scoter 1,000
Razorbill 19
Great Crested Grebe 13
Red Throated Diver 4
Scaup 1 male

Fly-by drake Scaup and growing numbers of Great Crests gave things a wintry feel, even though Skylarks and Goldfinches were still moving autumnal over the dunes.