Against better judgement, football fixtures, soaring temperatures and blue June skies, I headed out to the marsh for an hour or so this afternoon.
The heat shimmer was wibbly wobbly enough to make white cows look like sleeping Spoonbills (well, almost), but the fitba meant the road was reasonably quiet.
Despite the shimmer, good numbers of Swifts were zooming around low over the outer marsh between Marshside and Hesketh Road, and the addition of House Martins from the estate added to the sense of exciting hyperactivity.
The futility of trying to get a picture of one was hugely entertaining.
Final tally = 54 pics of blue sky, 4 blurry pics of Swifts.
I think the Swifts won, but they had velocity (and my ineptitude) on their side.
Probably 50-70 of them hawking about – not that many I suppose, but more than I’ve seen together so far in this strangest of years, so worth the walk down to Nels.

28 Dunlin and a Knot amongst the Blackwits and Avocets down there, before a dread (presumably a Peregrine/Sprawk passing over high and invisible from the hide) scattered everything.

4 thoughts on “Fab

  1. Nature fans can rejoice as Mersey Ferries has announced plans to bring back its popular ‘Liverbird’ Bird Watching & Nature Discovery Cruise.
    The cruise allows passengers the chance to see a range of wildlife up close, with previous sightings of long-tailed skuas, peregrine falcons, osprey and Atlantic grey seals being reported by passengers onboard.
    For 2018, Mersey Ferries is working alongside the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) to host the cruise on the River Mersey, sailing towards the Irish Sea.
    Sailing across the river and going out into the bay on Sunday, August 19, the cruise offers a unique day out for families and both new and experienced wildlife watchers.
    Experts will also be on-hand to answer questions and to help passengers identify all the animals spotted throughout the cruise.
    A limited number of binoculars to help see the animals up close, will also be available to hire from the RSPB during the cruise for a rental fee of £2.
    Ticket are priced at £15 for adults and £7.50 for children. A Family Ticket (2 adults and 2 children) can also be purchased for £40.
    The cruise will depart from Seacombe at 11am and Pier Head Liverpool at 11.10am. The cruise will last for three hours, with light refreshments and snacks available for purchase on board.
    For more information or to book tickets, call the Mersey Ferries ticket office on 0151 330 1003, visit any of Mersey Ferries terminals or visit the Mersey Ferries website: https://www.merseyferries.co.uk/eve


  2. Hi john just got back from Italy we sat in a local park and was amazed at the amount of bird life plus tons of butterflies and Lizards .Hoopoe inches away from us Wryneck, Redstart, spotted flycatchers ,warblers galore ,sparrows plus much more is it me or are our parks etc void of what we should get at this time of year ?

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