Against better judgement, football fixtures, soaring temperatures and blue June skies, I headed out to the marsh for an hour or so this afternoon.
The heat shimmer was wibbly wobbly enough to make white cows look like sleeping Spoonbills (well, almost), but the fitba meant the road was reasonably quiet.
Despite the shimmer, good numbers of Swifts were zooming around low over the outer marsh between Marshside and Hesketh Road, and the addition of House Martins from the estate added to the sense of exciting hyperactivity.
The futility of trying to get a picture of one was hugely entertaining.
Final tally = 54 pics of blue sky, 4 blurry pics of Swifts.
I think the Swifts won, but they had velocity (and my ineptitude) on their side.
Probably 50-70 of them hawking about – not that many I suppose, but more than I’ve seen together so far in this strangest of years, so worth the walk down to Nels.

28 Dunlin and a Knot amongst the Blackwits and Avocets down there, before a dread (presumably a Peregrine/Sprawk passing over high and invisible from the hide) scattered everything.