The one you don’t want to see

Trips to Southport DGH are rarely jolly occasions since maternity moved over to Ormskirk, so encounters with the long-staying Mandarin ain’t particularly auspicious.
Still, the plastic fantastic was looking as glam as ever yesterday and today as it mooched about with the Mallards.
Two Chiffchaffs singing at the site too – but they seemed to be everywhere in the Danish Scurvy Grass sunny today – Dempsey Towers, KBO and the SSSI ditch all had Chiffies tilting away in the warm conditions.

Scanning Marshside One from the Hesketh Road platform a male Wheatear was away over in Wheatear Corner (as it should be) and a Sand Martin scudded north, stalling and swooping in the blue sky.
Pinkies in the air over the outer marsh, but there were thousands off Crossens yesterday, although my heart wasn’t really in working through ’em if I’m honest.
Many were asleep while I was there.
The hot sun was levitating Buzzards all over the place though – five over Crossens Outer, and birds up over Ainsdale and the Coast Road.
Less expected was the appearance of two Stock Doves at Dempsey Towers, which dropped in yesterday morning.

Readers of the old birdblog with very good memories may remember Stock Doves called into the ‘towers about five years ago, indulged in a bit of jiggerypokery on a suitably stable Sycamore branch and then disappeared, never to be seen again.
Will the new ones be more regular?
Who knows?
Meanwhile more visiting hours encounters with you know who loom…

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