Provincial pipit politics


There was quite a crowd after the Water Pipits up at Crossens this afternoon by the time I arrived, which was great – good to see lots of people trying to see ’em, although they seem to be as tricksy as ever this year.
I managed brief views of one Water Pipit in the usual area just past the concrete trough, but could only take blurry pictures through the trees/brambles of the bank as I find if you stand out in the open there, you’re “skylined” and the birds won’t play.



Shame it was murky and cloudy by the time I arrived, but it was fun to see many of the great and good there, although my head was spinning after 45 minutes or so hearing of the monumentally confusing history of pipit politics, viz-a-viz Water Pipit v littoralis Rock v “normal” Rock Pipit in Lancashire.
Equally confusing was the appearance of a smallish Canada Goose amongst the distant Pinks on Crossens Outer – I don’t think it was the Todds that has been seen recently and was about earlier in the day.
The bird was just a bit bigger than the Pinkies, and was dusky on the flanks, but not dusky enough for me, although it was a long way away as it grazed with Fairhaven Church in the background over the Ribble.


Closer and infinitely less perplexing, there were three Med Gulls strutting their stuff in front of Sandgrounders – two full adults and a sub-adult bird, and 20 or so Avocets knocking about as the rain set in.