Southern Migrant Hawker


Many thanks to Chris Storey for allowing me to post these great pics of the Southern Migrant Hawker Chris found last week in the slacks north of Sands Lake at Ainsdale.
A female, it shows the characteristic fine lines on its light green sides in the following pic.


What a beauty!
As the name suggests, a migrant from the continent, but sadly one that didn’t stick around.
Based on grid refs supplied, Chris encountered this first for Lancashire by a sheltered line of willows at the north east side of Slack 48 – a five minute walk north of Sands Lake, past the area some idiot has set fire to recently.
Thanks for sharing Chris – and again, well done!
Not much else to remark upon today, which was desk-bound busy, although a few Manxies were offshore in the heat haze wibbly wobbly after high tide at Ainsdale, and fresh Commas and Small Tortoiseshells have started putting in an appearance at Dempsey Towers.


Leading a “Tomorrow Tick” walk out to marvel at flowering Dune Helleborine at 12.30pm, er, tomorrow, if anyone fancies it.
Meet at Ainsdale Discovery Centre (PR8 2QB), no fee, walk lasts about one hour.
It’ll be absolutely Helleborine.


2 thoughts on “Southern Migrant Hawker

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