Happy seawatch to you…


Before the beer started flowing (well, not that much before) for a certain 40th birthday celebration, I picked up Mr Thomason, Mr Stocker and Mr McCarthy,and we headed out to the Tobacco Dump for a seawatch over the high tide today.
No prizes for guessing whose birthday it was, but let’s just say it’s been a long while since Trops, Bazzo or I saw 40…
A quiet, but fun seawatch then, even if it was more like a day release from the Shady Pines Rest Home for Perplexed Old Birders for a time (and that was before someone realised they’d forgotten their chair etc….nurse, is it medication time yet??)
Mad gulls, loads of Common Scoter moving offshore, but only small numbers of terns and Manxies.
Both skuas were at eye-watering range today…well beyond the realms of i.d. as they chased unfortunate terns out on the horizon.

Tobacco Dump 1050-1320:
Gannet 80+
Manx Shearwater 15
Skua sp 2
Auk sp 2
Little Tern 1
Sandwich Tern 30
Common Tern 12
Great Crested Grebe 2
Common Scoter 500
(plus Harbour Porpoise and Grey Seal)