Nothing to sea here.

When the wind comes from the north east it tends to have a flattening effect on the sea off Ainsdale, which can be good for looking out for smaller cetaceans, so I gave it a crack on the rising tide for 45 minutes at lunchtime.

With cloudy periods taking out the shimmer, conditions were good and I was hoping for a repeat of last week’s three Bottle-Nosed Dolphins which breached and moved past me just offshore on Monday last (one of the adults pictured below).

No repeat of last week’s blubber, although the ribbon of Common Scoter was impressive – dozing black blobs in a broad band from halfway up the Green Beach to the north down to the bend of the coast above Fisherman’s Path (and probably beyond) in the south.

I’d estimate 3,000+ birds out there today.

Not much else though – one Red Throated Diver north, six Great Crested Grebes and 12 Gannets between 1230 and 1315.

Only small numbers of Sandwich Terns fishing offshore too – I suspect the majority are still north of the Alt and roosting off Albert Road in Formby.

A few Wheatears through in the last week, with pulses of southward bound hirundines and growing numbers of finches and alba wags around the office.

Had my last Swift locally over Formby last Friday (26.8.22).

9 thoughts on “Nothing to sea here.

  1. On 26/8/22 I had a Balearic Shearwater off Formby (only the 6th Lancashire and North Merseyside record and the last one was mine also off Formby 10/8/2014); also saw two Bottle nosed Dolphins. Most of the terns seem to have gone now, though still 201 Sandwich Tern and 234 Common Tern on Taylors Bank, Formby yesterday (31/8/22).

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  2. I had an unusual butterfly trapped in the conservatory yesterday but couldn’t get a good look at it before it found the door. Overall impression was of pale brown/beige with faint markings. Best I could do was rule out meadow brown and speckled wood, both of which I’ve seen locally Ormskirk). I’m now wondering if it might have been a dark green frit?

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  3. Hmm. Thanks John but I’m Pretty sure it wasn’t Wall Brown; i’ve become quite familiar with them this year. Dark Green Fritillary on the other hand I’ve never been able to definitively pin down despite their regularity at Ainsdale. That said, over the past few weeks in the dunes I have had regular glimpses of butterflies similar in general appearance to this one but they never seem to settle…😡

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