First find your geese

Back from autumn gallivanting round the country for the last fortnight, I went for a bit of goosing on the mosses today.

Plex was Pink Foot free, but at least the stubble was bubbling with groups of Skylarks.

No geeses on the Withins or Altcar Moss either, but the first flock of about 500 Pinks I came to off the New Causeway behind Formby at 1pm held the white morph Snow Goose which Stuart Darbyshire first picked up on 8/10/21 at Banks Marsh.

Since then the bird has wandered around the area down as far as Little Crosby and Hightown, so I was happy to find it – although let’s face it they are not hard to spot, white blobs standing out as they do amongst herds of grey geese.

Although the goose spent most of the time dozing or just sitting nibbling at the vegetation within the reach of its chubby neck stretches, it did get up and attempt some proper grazing for a few minutes and so I shot a bit of long range video (on YouTube here) through the field boundary vegetation…

Wonder how much longer it’ll stick around for?