Taking the long way home…

The road south from Aberdeen was a spin-cycle of spray yesterday, but I still took the long way home from Shetland, dropping Neill off on the M6 for collection by the Hunt family taxi service before looping east to Spurn with Duncan Rothwell for the Two-Barred (Greenish) Warbler.

By the time we got to Spurn at 2.45pm the crowds were falling away, so it was easy to park up by the Canal Zone and walk toward the visitor centre, where I was watching the mega-warbler within a few seconds as it perched out in a lone apple tree!

If only all twitches were that easy.

The bird quickly flicked into the hawthorn and willow scrub where it became a bit harder to keep track of, although it called occasionally (a bit like a sparrow’s chirrup to my ears).

By standing in one spot instead of threading through the narrow trails in the rain-soaked scrub, I got a few great views of the bird and even managed some vaguely in-focus pictures as it circled the area.

Ya beauty!!!!

Ain’t it grand when it all works out?

2 thoughts on “Taking the long way home…

  1. Looking at Colour ringed Black-headed gulls on Southport marine lake does not give the same buzz as searching around Shetland or dashing to see the Two barred Green Warbler at Spurn, but it’s all part of Birding. Had 5 Blue colour ringed Black Headed gulls on Tuesday. 2V90 rung here, sighted 24-07 -21 in Finland at Turku-pori and 2V78 also rung here sighted Gynia-Srodmiescie, which is South of Gdansk, Poland. The regular White ringed J1N5 ringed Oslo 02-04-98 is back again. They are worth looking at. Duncan ( SKIP )

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    • Excellent Duncan, at Spurn hoping for Little Auks, but wind a bit westerly…. Bonxies through with Red Throated Dover etc. Some of those Herring Gulls brutes on Shetland were brill too!!!!


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