Taking the rays

At first this Swallow appeared to be sunbathing on the office roof at Ainsdale a few days ago – in fact it was doing precisely the opposite, as it fluffed up in a bid to cool down, tilting over on the hot felt.

One of the breeding pair which arrived late this year but got down to business fast, they often perch outside my window, and in this instance roll to fluff up and presumably regulate their temperature – funny I never thought of Swallows getting too hot before…

Fledged youngsters already, with another brood on the way, it was a relief to see them back after they last bred in 2018.

YouTube clippage of a “sunbathing” adult here.

….and three cheers for the albatross as it flew back onto the cliffs at Bempton again today!!!

9 thoughts on “Taking the rays

    • Nice Phil, the Cetti’s has been singing there for quite a while now – and they are vocal at Lunt and Marshside too of course. Think the Hoggs Hill Lane bird was tuning up in Formby earlier in the season as well.


  1. Hoopoe seen in gardens in Ennerdale road and greenloons drive Formby on Monday didn’t see it myself but saw the video footage on the formby bubble Facebook page

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    • Interesting Steve, the Sarnie roosts appear to have moved south from Ainsdale this year – probably due to disturbance.
      Peter Olsen recorded 1800 on the Alt this week.
      Nice Red Kite too.


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