Well, why wouldn’t you go back?

Another early start east for my second visit to Bempton’s Black Browed Albatross, which was hidden in a fold of the cliffs when I arrived this morning, but mercifully took to the skies again an hour or so later.

Magnificent – aerial alchemy as it circled the cliff face around Staple Newk beneath me, soaring over the arch and wheeling back in to repeatedly drop its big splitty splatty pink feet like a 747 lowering its landing gear as it comes in – but Gannet Air Traffic Control was having none of it, and the poor beast kept having to swing back out inshore before sweeping around to the cliffs again…

The albatross sliced through the skies with barely a movement of its wings, a giant amongst the blizzard of Bempton’s summer residents.

After a spell resting offshore it finally managed to find a space on the crowded ledges and began pulling up vegetation and moving around earth with that dirty great bill – I hope it made itself comfortable.

I left it rooting about on the ledge and headed out.

Will I be back again? You bet your sweet ass I will – what a bird!!!

Motored down the coast to Easington, where on a warming afternoon after the morning showers at Bempton, I threw myself on the kindness of strangers and scrounged a Swaroful of the meena Oriental Turtle Dove from a back bedroom window.

The dove looked like it was going to explode from a surfeit of seed – but when you’re a mega rare you’re allowed to indulge in gluttony I guess.

Flight – or at least take-off – appeared that it may pose an issue.

I’ve seen orientalis Oriental Turtle Dove in the UK before, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of insurance in case the races ever get split (and memories of that bird are more of a blur than my “through the window” shot of today’s critter above).

5 thoughts on “Well, why wouldn’t you go back?

  1. Thanks John, your original visit to Bempton inspired me to get my butt in gear the day after. Great views too, elated since. Another visit, er I was a bit busy today getting a fix in Cemlyn Bay. The elegant tern is a stinker !! Regards Bob

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    • Don’t you mean stonker Bob? Ha ha!!!
      I was tempted by Cemlyn, but was lucky enough to see the 2017 Hampshire Elegant Tern – glad you nailed the albatross.


  2. Burton Wetlands 07/07/21 Highlights included

    2 Green & 2 Common Sandpipers
    4 Spotted Redshank
    1 Green Woodpecker
    7 Egyptian Geese
    1 Marsh Harrier
    1 Water Rail

    1 Common Lizard missing its tail
    1 x Gatekeeper

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