Taking the whole pink thing way too far.

Typical, like everyone else I’ve been checking any groups of Starlings I come across for Rosies given the huge influx this year, but this one is taking things way beyond the pale as it were.

I can’t complain, having been treated to a fly-past by a fine adult Rose Coloured Starling at Spurn earlier in the month, but a sweep of the Starling flock around the office (Ainsdale Discovery Centre) this afternoon revealed this freak feeding in the Sea Buckthorn with the more normal 50 odd Starlings (mainly youngsters).

With the hard summer sun blasting off the bird it was hard to determine just how leucistic/albino this Common Starling was and shooting a bit of video (on YouTube here) didn’t really help.

Not surprisingly it tended to keep a low profile, generally sticking deep in the bushes, because this thing is a sitting Sprawk target!

Interesting to watch, but a bit more black on the head, wings and tail would have been appreciated…

5 thoughts on “Taking the whole pink thing way too far.

  1. Not seeing anything remotely unusual personally John. Had a wood pigeon stroll into the living room this afternoon, via the french doors in the kitchen diner. the dog opened one eye then went back to sleep. Took a bit of removing and left the place full of feathers. Cheeky b******! Three small tortoiseshells in the garden today, but despite this, like most places this year our area is notable for what’s missing rather than what’s about. Butterflies are a rarity, swallows and house martins are cause for comment, and I’ve yet to see a swift. in fact the most notable feature is that there seem to have been lots of hares about this year. In short, your blog has been even more of a breath of fresh air than previously.

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  2. A late post for Friday’s visit to Martin Mere

    2 Green Sandpipers seen from the Ron Barker hide
    2 Marsh Harriers
    Cuckoo heard from somewhere in the collection area but not seen.

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