Spotted Redshank

Present pretty much year-round at Hesketh Out Marsh, but returning crisp summer plumage birds at Marshside are the cat’s pyjamas.

They conjure up memories of floating Finnish bogs (like birding on a waterbed), j√•rvis and the high north….

Duncan Rothwell found this one today, and I spent 15 minutes watching it this evening amongst the Redshanks at the back of Junction Pool while I waited for an incoming phone call.

Too far away for pictures with my decaying SD card, and certainly too far for shaky video on YouTube….oh dear.

After a bit of a doze the Spotted Redshank fed for a time then flew off calling to the south, possibly dropping in at Nels, possibly not.

The cloudy weather brought plenty of Swifts down low, but nowt out of the ordinary.

Pyramidal and Bee Orchids in the verge.