Up periscope

Lifting its head out of the vegetation only briefly the male Garganey was snorkelling away in the shallows at the top of Rimmers Marsh early doors this morning.

I was just leaving the site after another survey when Stuart Darbyshire pointed it out to me from Marshside Road – thanks Stuart!

I never seem to have enough time in the mornings these days, and today was no exception, so I left before the usually elusive quacker emerged from cover again.

Its ruby red eye glared at me through the grasses.

Whimbrel whistling through, plenty of hirundines along the bank and two Wheatears plus all the usual during this morning’s count on Marine Drive between Hesketh Road and Marshside Road.

I went back up for another look after work, and while the Garganey was still in much the same area on Rimmers, it was a bit further out on the marsh, and still hugging the vegetation, with the afternoon sun making everything wibbly wobbly.

Morning is always best.

The Wood Sandpiper was still present, dozing very close to Marshside Road (please be careful of the traffic here – watch from the pavement on the other side of the road) before it woke and began feeding.

Little Ringed Plovers, Ruffs, White Wags etc.

Barely larger than the Dunlins it was with, I left the Wood Sand being admired by a growing crowd and headed up to Crossens Inner, where the Spoonbill, remarkably for this species, was a blur of energy, feeding and flapping about like there was no tomorrow.

I felt tired just looking at it. They’re still undeniably daft though.

The bird I saw on April 16th didn’t appear to be as strongly marked as this, but it was in flight and three weeks ago…

Tried a bit of video today, but the Spoonbill was distant, it was windy, shaky and the traffic noise roared between my ears like an extreme white noise syringing… buckle up if you want to watch it on YouTube here.

I’d go mute if I were you.

Fingers crossed tomorrow’s rain brings results, we are due a Wood Warbler…

5 thoughts on “Up periscope

  1. Well worth getting soaked for the grass next to the footpath at Crosby Marina was crawling with WheatEar,White Wagtail,Greenfinch,House Sparrow ,Linnet ,Starling and what i went for Yellow Wagtail .

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  2. Thanks John I was so pleased I saw the Yellow Wagtail, been a long time since I saw one. I gave up as it wasn’t around only to find it on the way back to the car also got caught in the rain but I was happy.

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