A cause for kniptions

Still at least 12 Golden Plover in the Plex Moss stubble early this morning before the sun rose and the day brightened.

Crouching in the stubble at range they’re enough to give a chap the kniptions, especially when you’re looking for another, albeit slightly smaller wader…

Almost as frustrating as the depressing amount of wind-blown plastics that have snagged on the sturdy stems.

I wouldn’t mind, but it’s not the first time the Golden Plovers have made me double-take out there.

Pleasantly spangly in the dawn light though, and while they were not my target, there’s nowt wrong with a field that held tumbling Lapwings, kleeping Oystercatchers and low profile Goldies (assuming you can look past the litter).

Otherwise a little quiet out there this morning, but the easterly breeze was colder than of late before Sunday warmed up and the lycra arrived.

Three trilling Whimbrel were distant, a few Wheatears bounded through and at least one Yellow Wag was still about.

Later in the day four Curlew went over high above Dempsey Towers, struggling into the wind and calling.

Tiring, they turned and surfed back west, before rallying and pushing on into the easterly again.