That’s a relief

Six Corn Bunting including two “singing” birds on Plex Moss this morning were a sight for sore eyes – I was beginning to get worried about their noticeable absence these last few weeks.

New Whitethroats in and singing plus two Greenland-type male Wheatears, big, brightly-coloured, bold and perchy with long long primaries, were moving through to the east of Gettern Farm.

Off the Station Road spur one of the ploughed fields held no fewer than 35 White Wagtails and four Yellow Wagtails, some pallid and some chromium as they scampered over the black earth.

9 thoughts on “That’s a relief

  1. Inspired by your fab blog I took a trip out this afternoon to plex moss, Haskayne cutting, Gorsey Lane and Moss Lane to catch up with yellow wagtails, corn bunting, linnets, partridge, chiffies, blackcaps, willow warblers, Siskin, buzzard, kes, curlew and whimbrel. Dipped on wheatear but rewarded with super close views of female hen harrier.

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  2. Another blissful walk yesterday, in the dunes between Sands Lake and the beach, enhanced this time by the presence of a couple of redpolls, and the most stunning male wheatear in the wet area just north of Shore Road. From your description John, this must also have been of the Greenland race. Very colourful!

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  3. 10.30. Very surprised to Come across the bird again, perched on the sign requesting people to keep out of the extensive breeding pool on the green beach. I kept well away when some stupid woman with five dogs encouraged them to take a run through the pool!! Exit Osprey and god knows what else besides. I had a word (or two) with her. Where do these people come from?

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