Catch the pigeon…

The Stock Dove was happily grubbing about on the deck and the Peregrine probably didn’t notice the opportunity until it was right on top of it.

Never one to pass up a free lunch the falcon stalled and dropped onto the dove just as it was taking off.

Game over before it had begun, predator and prey spiralled back down to earth.

Hard to watch in the growing heat distortion of a sunny April morning on Plex.

I found myself willing clouds to come in so I could get some shimmer-free record shots – odd to wish the sun away!!!

It took the Peregrine just under 40 minutes to strip the carcass free of meat and just for a change the mossland corvids never once attempted to steal the falcon’s prize.

It’s probably not to everyone’s tastes, but you can watch a snippet of the dove buffet on YouTube here.

To say no animals were harmed in the making of this movie would be blatantly untrue, yet it was fascinating watching the falcon gorging, sending feather confetti drifting over the field and pausing whenever a cyclist or vehicle passed on the track above.

Red in tooth and claw.

A few more Skylarks singing on today’s visit (although I could have kept my shoes and socks on to count all the singing birds) and Corn Buntings still silent.

Small Tortoiseshells, Yellowhammers, Bullfinches and Chiffchaffs around the Cutting, Swallows on territory and single Yellow Wagtail and Grey Partridge calling.