The return of daft

Two new Whitethroats taking up territory in the dunes south of Shore Road today, but they were rather restrained, generally keeping low and refraining from full-blown daft and deranged song.

Good to see ’em back though.

A few Wheatears about the site and at least nine Redpolls in a flock close to the ADC, with another feeding in the willow south of the RSPB car park at Marshside during this morning’s survey, and a few other groups plus Siskins during the course of the day.

This cabaret was in our garden in Ainsdale yesterday evening, when it fed quietly in the big Sycamore that also drew in 2-3 Willow Warblers, a Chiffchaff and two sparring male Blackcaps that riffed off each other, full of hormones and duelling banjos and an appetite for aphids on the budding branches.


Winning the “daft prize” by a long way today though was a mad Spoonbill that flew past me heading north over Rimmers and Suttons Marsh at Marshside at about 0710 while I surveyed the site. I managed a poor record shot as it disappeared into the rising sun for posterity – or should that be posterior?

The southern end of a northward bound Spoonbill no less.

With Raven, Redpoll, Little Ringed Plover, Swallow, Blackcaps, Willow and Cetti’s Warbler and Chiffchaffs under a cloudless sky it was a great start to the day…

3 thoughts on “The return of daft

  1. Lovely little interval in the warm sunshine in the dunes on the shore side of Sands Lake this afternoon. I was enjoying the chiff-chaff chatter and the beautiful song of multiple willow warblers when a whitethroat decided to join the chorus. So the dog and I sat to savour that, and a blackcap struck up in a nearby bush. Twenty minutes of bliss in the sunshine. Perfect! And the background song of the skylarks didn’t hurt either.

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