Anyday now…

Relatively thin on the ground at the moment (same as last Spring), changing weather conditions should see more Wheatears and other migrants moving through.

This female was enjoying the sun in a sheltered corner at Ainsdale LNR today, and small parties of Mipits and Redpolls were bounding through overhead.

While still carrying out surveys at Marshside it means I am inevitably late to the show in the dunes each day, so I may be missing stuff, and the dunes are always best early morning.

But you can’t be everywhere at once.

With the northerly airflow easing there were certainly more Willow Warblers and Blackcaps in song at dawn this morning at Marshside along the closed coast road and Cetti’s Warblers were spluttering away but Spring still feels slow.

One of the Little Ringed Plovers circling high over Rimmers Marsh and calling away in the early morning silence was good, but the Spring floodgates have yet to open really.

Tiny spring annuals like Early Forget-Me-Not and Rue-Leaved Saxifrage are blooming away in the dunes, but while the song of Willow Warblers was obvious as I crouched to photograph these miniscule dune specialities, it was nowhere near the “Willow Warbler wall of sound” that should be cascading over the site by now.

This should change over the next day or two with a favourable wind direction and then there won’t be time to ogle Starlings (fine as they are) in the hunt for more summer migrants.

Whenever you’re ready…