What’s not to like? Warm sun on your back and five Chiffchaffs singing away and jostling for basking rights with Peacock butterflies in the blossom and unfurling leaves.

Back on Plex Moss this morning after a prolonged absence and not much had changed – it was quiet, although Swallows were already back on territory around one or two farms, especially on Station Road, where they always seem to go straight in each spring.

A mighty three Pink Feet (two and a singleton nearer Ainsdale) signalled the changing year and Lapwings were sitting.

I probably just caught them on a bad day, but only three Skylarks were singing, and Corn Buntings murdering the concept of melody were conspicuous by their absence. I hope this was just a blip.

Another April of scouring ploughed fields looms…