As the dawn pushes back, the daily counts at Marshside are getting ever more enjoyable.
When I started the surveys last week, most of the birds were shrouded in pre-dawn darkness, just gloomy shapes like the local male Sprawk, which has taken to hanging out on the seaward side just to the north of Nels Hide very early doors.

Better today though with bright sun lighting up the Pink Feet from 0720 onwards…

Easier to see the Avocets too, with 11 at the top of Rimmers Marsh first thing.

A growing number of birds vocalising, with Dunnock, Wren and Reed Bunting particularly obvious on the bank between Hesketh Road and Marshside Road (this is where the drainage and improvement works are taking place, closing the carriageway for the next few weeks).
At least nine Skylarks along this section of the road today, with plenty of song.

A Chiffchaff optimistically attempted song yesterday, and when the sun hit the reeds in the SSSI ditch the Cetti’s Warbler practically detonated this morning.
Its loud explosive song clears the tubes for the rest of the day!!!

5 thoughts on “Enlightening

  1. First butterfly on the wing in Ormskirk today. Only a glimpse but I’d say peacock. Also a large bumble bee and several wasps. Three very vocal buzzards overhead. Early on a distant “v” formation of around 20 black and white birds moved briskly westwards. Sounds daft but I’d have sworn they were avocets…

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