It’s about to get much noisier.

I was leaving site after completing the daily Dowhigh survey this morning when three Avocets flew in from the north, dropping over Marshside Road, then pitching down onto one of the bunds on Rimmers Marsh.
As usual they had that “who’s idea was this???” look that the early arrivals always have – and I can’t say I could blame them, as Marshside was February bleak and dark at dawn today in a cold south easterly.

Earlier a calling Chiffchaff was moving along the bank north of Nels Hide, and the Pinkies on the outer marsh were ignoring the road and drainage works as usual.
One of the Great White Egrets was in its normal spot north of the Sandplant.
Before I left I scanned north and in the distance I could see at least another nine Avocets tightly bunched together on the east side of Polly’s Pool, looking truly miserable.