From on high

I don’t know my apse from my elbow at the best of times, but there’s no mistaking the throaty calls of Ravens.
Marvellous to hear two croaking above the traffic noise way up on the spire at Leyland Road Methodist Church in Southport today as I passed by.
Without optics it was hard to make out the dirty great bundle of sticks wedged safely high above the belfry on the church’s rather fetching spire.
Was it a nest or merely a stash of building materials to be used elsewhere?
Hopefully the former, although both birds flew off to the south west, with one clutching a beak full of something and had not returned when I passed that way again a few hours later.
Must bring my bins next time…

4 thoughts on “From on high

  1. The Ravens have attempted nesting there for the last 4 or 5 years.
    The enormous nest had been cleared last year, so I assume this is a new one, hurrah !!!
    Regularly see and hear them over our garden, Hawkshead St, often collecting.

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