Windchill -5000

Bitterly cold at Southport Marine Lake this afternoon, and that was before the snow started racing across the iced-up water like running sand on the beach.
The long-staying Med Gull was in its usual spot just off the Marine Lake Cafe and really getting towards full summer plumage.
A few colour-ringed BHGs, so beloved of Duncan Rothwell, were shivering on the ice, two blue with white lettering (local/UK presumably?) and this one, with a white ring with black lettering “J1N5”.

Duncan has seen it a few times since the end of December, and really blowing up the pic, its metal ring appears to spell “NORWAY”, which I couldn’t see in the field.
I’m sure Duncan will send me the gen when he gets it back…
Lovely brute of a young GBB patrolling the edge looking for signs of weakness in the gull assembly too.

A weather-driven flock of Lapwings went south, then the Med had enough of the water – it must have been colder than Stalingrad slush out there – and flapped over to the edge of Kings Gardens where a few BHGs were hunkering down.
I grabbed two video clips of it, which you can watch on YouTube here and here.
One of the colour-ringed BHGs wandered by in the background.
The Med seemed to be having some trouble staying upright, that was probably down to the remarkably strong south easterly shredding the site…
When I could keep my bins steady (not a day to forget your gloves) the gull was close enough to admire its red eye-rings, a fine bird.

3 thoughts on “Windchill -5000

  1. Thanks to Janice Sutton, who tells me that J1N5 was ringed in Oslo 1998 when she was over 3 years old, so she is at least 25 years old. A female that returns to Norway every summer apparently.
    Forgot to mention that there was a distant female Goldeneye at the top of the lake yesterday too.

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    • Tasty! There has been a BIG influx of Woodcock, mainly on the east coast. A Scandi/continental freeze up that makes our recent cold snap appear positively balmy, has forced many across the North Sea in search of milder conditions.


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