Doing a first rate job of looking miserable in the grey cold, 12 Pochard mingled with the 104 Tufted Ducks at Junction Pool this morning.
Nine drakes amongst the group, which wisely spent most of their time asleep.
Although water levels are still high there are enough exposed ridges and islands for Avocets to hunch up and hunker down on when they arrive.
They’re due back in a week or so.
My first Black-Headed Gull with a full summer hood of 2021 flew over Marshside Road.
I usually encounter the first ones in late December, but y’know, this ain’t a usual year.

Gadwall, the Bream of the wildfowl world, looked equally miserable off Sandgrounders, where the Golden Plover and Lapwing were roosting until a Peregrine tazzed through.
Across the road, the Great White Egret was fishing in much the same spot as last week, and a Buzzard tussled with one of three Marsh Harriers over the outer marsh.
The Merlin sat things out on a snag.

6 thoughts on “Duck

  1. Excellent views of the Ormskirk Ravens this morning, in the trees around the church yard apparently collecting twigs for nesting material. They were close enough to hear their subdued mutterings to one another. Noticeably more conversation going on amongst the local tits, finches, wrens and dunnocks too, in the bright sunshine.

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  2. Mrs F said “is that a hare or a pheasant out there on the field?” I said “it’s a raven” and went to get my bins. Sure enough, it was a raven. Surrounding it were too many fieldfares to count as they materialised from the stubble then disappeared again, whilst just beyond it were two hares. Much as I’d like to hunt out the dusky warbler at Ainsdale, I doubt it could be argued to be essential travel, but not travelling has been rewarding lately…

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