All still there then

A cold easterly strafed Marshside this morning – it’d flay the skin off you given the chance, and everything was wisely hunkering down.
5-600 spangly Golden Plover were on Crossens Inner, with considerably more Lapwings, but the main pack of Blackwits was crammed together for warmth south of Marshside Road.
At least one of the Golden Plover was coming into summer plumage – you can just see its black belly on the right of this blurry crop.

Two marauding GBBs behaving badly meant they didn’t stay settled for long – duck numbers were low too, possibly as much to do with the recent cold snap as the badass GBBs, although plenty of Pinks were dotted about on the outer marsh.
Two Common Buzzard and single Merlin, Peregrine, Marsh Harrier and Kestrel looked like they were struggling out there, and the usual Great White Egret was feeding just opposite the old wildfowlers’ car park site.

Over the tide seven Common Scoter were snoozing on the chop off the Sandplant, and five Pochard were with the distant Tufties in the reed-fringed channel to the north of Nels.