Let’s ride this baby to Mexico!

Amazing what you find down the back of the digital sofa.
I’m not a great fan of nostalgia, but even I have to accept if you can’t go out, you can at least go back, so I’ve had a trawl through the trip reports from my old birdblog (2002-2014) and came upon this jaunt Barry McCarthy, Paul Thomason, Neill Hunt and I took to Mexico back in 2010.
From Yucatan to Chiapas and back in a Nissan X-Trail. What could possibly go wrong?

It was a great adventure, with many laughs, birds and beer.
If you want to have a read, you can see it here or visit via the links list on the right.
Sadly Barry is no longer with us, but stripping the old html and links then trying to clean up my woeful digi-scoped images have passed a few hours of another Covid screwed weekend and made me smile.

We ended up driving over 3,700km, through coastal scrub, secondary woodland, marshes, mountains and rainforest.
And while I fear many sites will have inevitably changed in the 11 years since we were there, there are few places as thrilling as Mexico.
Apologies for subjecting you to holiday snaps over a decade old then, there’s always the Blackbirds in the garden to count instead.
Good news is I won’t add any more to the Mexico blog, bad news is I’ve also found the files for Costa Rica, Thailand, Morocco, Norway/Finland and Israel.
Viva Don Muchos!