Up the hooter and down the lake

The latest Lateral Flow Test at Splashworld was as good a reason as any for a stroll at the top end of Southport Marine Lake this afternoon.
I think it was Oscar Wilde who said “Gulling is the last refuge of the scoundrel”, so I checked through small numbers of young Herring Gulls, GBB and BHGs below the Lakeside Inn and up at the shelter, while I waited for the negative result text to ping through.

As Ron Jackson rightly points out it was Samuel Johnson, not Wilde ( and of course he was talking about patriotism, not gulls).

Anyway, gull wise, nothing out of the ordinary, but the walk cleared the tubes after my weekly swabbing…

Six Goldeneye (four ducks, two drakes) between the islands and eight Pochard (two groups of six and two) were tight against the lower island.
On the northern island a Buzzard was perched up – can’t remember seeing one here before, it was probably ratting, or attempting to, until 22 Magpie and 3 Carrion Crows ganged up on it.
More than 70 Cormorant sheltering in the lee of the island behind the theatre and the Great Crested Grebe was there too.
Usual Little Grebes bobbing about in the swell.

A few Twite were bouncing around over the seawall between the West Lancs Yacht Club and the sluice.

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