Snow Finch, Snow Geese…sorta

The tense territorial dispute as we tussled for work-at-home space at Dempsey Towers was high stakes stuff. Bigly.
Who knew we’d ever need more than one table?
How will we make the crayons go round?
Just where exactly is the water cooler (and as someone who usually works in the dunes, what is a water cooler???)?
With the wisdom of Solomon, Mrs D decided hot-desking was the answer and before you knew it I was overlooking the feeders from the back bedroom window and tap-tappity-tapping away today.
As the white hell of two or three tiny snowflakes floated down, a male Blackcap came in (the first I have noticed at home this winter – strange as they seem widespread on the coast) and this odd part albino Goldfinch, which has popped by several times since November, appeared again.
Blurry and through the window, it’s the first time I’ve got a camera near it, but it almost constitutes a “snow finch” especially when it has its back to you showing off its white bum.
Pushing the tenuous “snow” theme still further Mrs D recorded the Pinks heading out to roost on the coast on her phone this evening as the no-show big snow flickered down over Ainsdale.
You can watch that on YouTube here.
The closest I’ll be getting to Snow Geese this winter I fear.
What are you seeing in your back garden/shared workspace war-zone?

8 thoughts on “Snow Finch, Snow Geese…sorta

  1. We’ve been in our house in Formby for 3 years and every winter we’ve had a grey wagtail in the garden! It’s been eating bird seed and meal worms that I’ve chucked on the lawn! It was in the flower containers today and then sat on the fence. It visits several times a day

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  2. Hi john saw a very dark and small pink footed goose at Hightown all on its own also peregrine ,good number of curlew and shelduck too.Mate of mine had great phone vid of the common seal coming out the water really close to him aswell.

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    • Ring Neckeds free flying in Hightown, Formby and three at Botanic Gardens, Churchtown too Stephen… finally seem to be expanding from the Sefton Park nucleus. Many thanks.


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