Cold feet

Even with the toastiest knitted Norwegian Christmas socks on, two hours standing in the shadows of the Sandplant’s northern slopes is enough to guarantee numb feet.
Fairly quiet birdwise too today – presumably recent frosts have made it harder for the apex predators to hunt with one of the male Hen Harriers quartering the outer marsh in a distinctly half-hearted fashion, pitching down to rest in the vegetation all too frequently.
You won’t catch anything behaving like that.
A few zippy 90 degree mid-air swerves after Skylarks and pipits led to nothing, but were impressive to watch nonetheless.
Two Merlins, a Sprawk, two Ravens, two Buzzards, a Kestrel and 4-5 Marsh Harriers were out there too, with Rock Pipits calling overhead and 3-4 Great White Egrets (one almost close, the others so far away they were in a different tier.)