You can’t take pictures with a bow-saw.

After a morning cutting Sea Buckthorn out on the frontal dunes at Ainsdale, the appearance of two Short Eared Owls just before lunchtime today was superb.
The two have been around for a week or so in the dunes, but it’s the first time I’ve seen them just south of Ainsdale Discovery Centre where they hunted behind the frontals west of Slack 170 – the first big open area of water as you walk in past the office.

One of the birds has particularly pale primary bases giving it the appearance of a giant nightjar (Great Eared Nightjar eat yer heart out) – cool.
As I was working I had no bins or camera, but it was enough to watch the two birds gliding and flapping over the marram for five minutes or so and I even attempted some misguided phone grabs.
Less said about these pics the better, and as for the video on YouTube, well…
Stonechat, Mipits, Robins and finches as usual.
Chiffchaff calling away there today too and moving through the skeletons of elder scrub, but nothing particularly tristis about it.
Andy Spottiswood had his Dusky Warbler again, but I’ll save another hunt for that critter until the next bright morning when it will hopefully be still roaming around its huge circuit at the top of the National Nature Reserve.

3 thoughts on “You can’t take pictures with a bow-saw.

  1. Thanks John, and I return the sentiments to you and all those near and dear to you. Only two things seem sure as 2021 looms; the birds know nothing about Covid, Brexit, or Boris and will do what they always do; and this blog will continue be one of the year’s bright spots. More power to your -erm- elbow 🤔.

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