Something beginning with “g”

Snatched an hour before night fell at 2pm today for a scan from the Sandplant, sheltered from the light showers and breeze by the bank.
Pink feet were scattered over the outer marsh, with 3+ Marsh Harrier, 2-3 Peregrines (including a youngster attempting to flush Pinks – someone really should have a word), 3 Merlin and a male Hen Harrier.
The hunting male Hen Harrier was fine as they always are, but dropped into the vegetation at 2pm.
A bit early to be going off to bed, although it was getting dark.
A redhead Goosander rose from the narrow splash of water behind the reedbed just off the Sandplant and flapped off north towards HOM on stiff wings – not unprecedented, but not a bird you see every day at Marshside either.
Rock Pipit calling.

6 thoughts on “Something beginning with “g”

  1. I called at Hightown again this afternoon. The flock of Pinkfeet had just been flushed by the same idiot that flushed them yesterday. He obviously doesn’t read your blog. If I’d been a bit younger I might have got out of the car and thumped him!

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  2. Because they have seen on social media, TV, etc. that it’s good to experience nature and wild places. The same sources have little or nothing to say about personal responsibility and restraint.

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