Decreasing circles

I managed a brief walk from the office at Ainsdale Discovery Centre most days this week – nothing startling, but pleasant enough.
The regular Common Buzzard was on the look-out for breakfast early doors before the sun got too high and the car park filled up.
Wintering finches include 20+ Linnets, 11 Goldfinch and 3 Chaffinch with occasional Greenfinch, with Robin, Wrens and still a few Stonechat.
There also seemed to be a bit of a small southerly movement of Meadow Pipits some mornings too, which was odd.
Only two or three Reed Buntings yet though – as it gets colder their numbers tend to increase around the office, and one perched up to preen right in front of me yesterday.

Preening Reed Bunt vid on YouTube here.
A Chiffchaff called from the Sea Buckthorn today, but there was no sign of last week’s Blackcap – the irony of me concentrating birding efforts around the very pernicious plant I spend a fair bit of time trying to remove did not escape me.
Pied Wags and up to three Grey Wagtails feed around the rooftops in neighbouring Pontins and along the perimeter fenceline.
When a tangle of tiers makes the mundane the main show that’s the way it goes.

3 thoughts on “Decreasing circles

  1. Nippy north easterly blowing at Hesketh Out Marsh today – on HOM East, the female Long-Tailed Duck still, 7-8 Goosander, 3 Greenshank, 2 Dunlin, 30+ Fieldfare in the northernmost band of hawthorns and on Dib Road 100+ Whoopers. At least 3 Great White Egrets on Crossens Outer on the way back.


  2. I’ve mentioned this before but it’s always a little reassuring when what at first seems odd becomes something of a norm. The annual small group of Whoopers that turn up in the same corner of the same small field near the main road in Scarisbrick has materialised again this winter. Seven birds (perhaps a family group?) there this afternoon.

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    • It’s always a relief to see ‘em again isn’t? When you don’t see ‘em, that’s the problem Tony, and I’m afraid there are plenty of examples of that these days.


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