More chipssh please Mr Goldfinger…

The concrete of the seawall was cold to lie on – hardly surprising as a blusterly Storm Aiden was still battering the coast and there wasn’t much warmth in the last sun of October.
Something tells me our Covid parameters are going to get revised again pretty soon, so I took the opportunity to head Wirral way while I still could.
Socially distanced and venturing into the south western depths of our Liverpool City Region tier 3 zone.
It took far longer than it should have to pin the two lingering Snow Buntings down, as they ranged from Dove Point to Leasowe and there was a fair bit of human activity along the seawall – as you would expect on a sunny afternoon after tumultuous rain.
The buntings completely ignored me though when I finally got to them at Leasowe – seeds were far more important than birders, joggers, dogwalkers, photographers and strollers… they were oblivious to the lot, scurrying about just a metre or two away.

One bird enjoyed the last rays of the sun while the other fed in the shadow of the seawall, stuffing its face, but allowing me to get a better look at all that feather detail and rump pattern, as I lay down to watch it.

I shot a bit of video of the one that clung to the sun, which you can watch on YouTube here then left them seed bingeing in the sinking sun.

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