Slim pickings

It comes to a pretty pass when you have to fight with the local corvids over a scrap of manky wildfowl carrion – one of Marshside’s Common Buzzards gave up all too quickly on Crossens Outer today.
Standing over the remains only delayed the inevitable and the crows drove it off.

The buzzard flapped over Marine Drive and went into “Rough Legged” hovering mode courtesy of the brisk south westerly above Crossens Inner.
And a Kestrel chased it away from there too – the buzzard was not having a good morning.
On the upside it’s always cause for celebration when the car clock starts telling the right time again (farewell BST).
Yesterday’s darkness and rain had given way to bright sun, and enough warmth to get Migrant Hawkers and Common Darters back on the wing.
A big hawker by Sandgrounders may have been a Southern Hawker (I have had them later than this, albeit by just a few days) but it didn’t hang around and zoomed over the scrub behind the hide.
The Merlin (one of three today) was still tazzing about behind the Sandplant and at least four white cow chickens were with the cattle on Sutton’s Marsh.

Most of the Pink Feet seemed to be further out towards Banks and ‘scoping a few groups revealed nothing more than a Pink with a big face blaze.

Marsh Harriers patrolling the out marsh and a particularly sneaky Peregrine was hunched up on one of the big tree trunks, barely visible but commanding a hunter’s view of the estuary.
No sign of any Hen Harriers although I believe I missed a male from the sandplant earlier in the day.