Highly appropriate after Monday’s fiasco in Fife, but let’s move on from that.
It was fun watching this Dipper on a fine walk with Mrs D above Dunsop Bridge today – Dippers seem impervious to the cold at this time of year and this one was busy stuffing its face with what appeared to be caddisfly larvae, which it hoovered up, spending long periods of time (ten seconds plus) under the icy current.

The tubby critters are hard to resist when they break into their cheery, wheedling song, audible above the white noise of the wind in the pines and the rush of peaty water.
I grabbed a quick video of this ringed bird, which you can watch on YouTube here.

2 thoughts on “Dipper

  1. Gotta love a Dipper. I know they’re common enough, but is there another bird anywhere that is so in tune – such a part of – it’s habitat? Just your pics brought to my ear the sound of rushing water. Conversely whenever I hear a stream I instinctively look for a Dipper. Fab little birds!

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