Aw c’mon…

The contrast to yesterday’s in-the-hand wader fest could not have been greater this morning as the Long-billed Dowitcher refused to come any closer than interstellar range as it lurked at the back of Polly’s Pool at Marshside RSPB.
Three times I’ve tried to get good views of this summer plumage stunner in amongst the Blackwits this week, and it still won’t play ball…
Very long distance blurs were inevitable today.

Stuart Darbyshire has fared far better, getting some wonderful views (and photographs) as it fed in the channels under the Marine Drive bank earlier in the week.
He kindly sent me this superb shot to drop into the blog, so we can all see what the dowitcher should look like…

Careful study of photographs from Iceland by Stuart suggests this bird moved north with the godwits in the spring and has come back down from Iceland with them after their breeding season.
The dowitcher seems happy enough with the godwit flock, so hopefully I’ll get closer views at some point, but if you’re going to look for it on Polly’s, don’t forget your ‘scope.
It looks lovely assuming you’re on full 60x zoom.
A Merlin was hunting out on the outer marsh earlier in the week, and Common Sands are piping about the channels.