Plenty of wet

The mizzling sea frets lay over the fields like a blanket today and muffled sound on the mosses like heavy snow does.
Perhaps because of the eerie quiet it made the “Plex Pavarotti” seem all the more jarring when he started to tune up.

Eight “singing” Corn Buntings out there at least this afternoon, with 11 more hunched up on overhead wires and looking marginally less miserable than a soggy Kestrel in the rain.

Hello beautiful.
The fields were pretty quiet apart from that and growing flocks of Woodpigeons and Stock Doves grubbing for food in the recently cut areas.
A party of 73 gulls were doing much the same and held a fading second summer Med Gull which always stayed a bit distant before flying off on its own towards the coast.

One or two parties of Swifts and hirundines, but nothing like the spectacle down at Crosby Coastal Park on Thursday in similar, if windier conditions, when at least 100 Swifts and 30+ House Martins were gorging on midges in the lee of the willows by the boardwalk area in the south east corner.
You could hear the wind in the Swifts’ wings they were so close. Superb.

2 thoughts on “Plenty of wet

  1. There are currently 9 Sandwich Terns (1 Juv) in a gull roost between Ainsdale and Birkdale. Not too much disturbance going on and adults were freely coming and going with fish which was great to see. Only time I saw them get a bit flighty (but only a bit) was when a walker went a little too close, there was someone appearing to chase Sanderlings further down though which wasn’t good to see.


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