Filth and ships

The tide wasn’t really big enough to justify the schlepp out to Formby Point for an early evening seawatch in the pummelling rain, but the good strong south westerly was hard to resist.
With an hour to spare I gave Crosby Coastguards a try between 5pm and 6pm – the tide was right in here, submerging the Gormleys and mixing spray with cold rain.
The Hall Road Starlings looked particularly miserable.
It was hard to pick anything up in the rain and force 6-7 gusts, even cowering in the lee of the RNLI storage cabins.
The flickering shape of terns were visible out on the bar, their jerky flight action suggesting Common Terns out feeding from Seaforth, while big boats like the Dutch suction dredger the Lelystad trailed gulls in her wake as she headed into the river.

Best I could manage were two Manx Shearwaters scorching northwards along the edge of the wind, speeding across the estuary mouth and up the coast, then shortly afterwards an Avocet struggling south over the waves presumably towards Seaforth – an odd combo for any seawatch, much less a slow, damp Sunday evening one!

6 thoughts on “Filth and ships

  1. Took the dog for a walk in the local park earlier this evening, and at 8.45pm was sat watching a bat hunting insects around the trees. *Hmm” I thought. “ I wonder if being out and about in what amounts to broad daylight presents any risks to bat?” The thought was barely complete when a Sprawk came from nowhere and, taking the bat unaware, seemed to have sealed its fate. But at the last instant either the bird changed its mind or the bat broke free and they went their separate ways, the Sprawk disappeared over the trees and the bat carried on hunting as if nothing had happened. Odd.

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  2. Made a trip over to RSPB Burton Wetlands on Saturday. All hides still closed, but most trails are open, and a viewing area created for viewing the main scrape.

    2 Green Woodpeckers
    1 Lesser Whitethroat
    1 Egyptian Goose
    1 Ruff
    1 Snipe

    Also down on Burton Marsh I found 1 Grasshopper Warbler still reeling away.

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