And exhale………

As if to confirm the correlation between Swiss Cheese and my ropey memory, the male Bullfinch perched up repeatedly to call in the bright morning sun.
I believed my last visit to Haskayne Cutting nine days ago had represented my first encounter with Bullfinch here – in fact long, long ago when it was a regular ringing site they were seen too (thanks to Jack Taylor for refreshing my shattered recall).
But that was in the days when just a short walk away you could hear Turtle Doves on a hot, calm morning like this one.
I still check some of the old sites just in case, but all I hear is a great big silent hole where the soporific purring should be.
Yellowhammers try to plug the gap, but it’s not the same – and they’re getting thin on the ground too.
Back in the ‘Cut, Willow Warbler, Blackcap and Chiffy provided a pleasing chorus – especially as the latter appeared to be the scruffy individual I bumped into here way back in March.

Couldn’t resist a snippet video clip of the Blackcap, not so much for the footage, more the purity of the notes.
You can watch the clip on You Tube here.
If only there was some purring in the background.
Botanically as ace as ever, with plenty of marsh orchids to puzzle over, Water Avens and dazzling Spearworts.
Sometimes you just need to get away.

6 thoughts on “And exhale………

  1. And exhale indeed. “Our” swallows reappeared yesterday – they always seem to arrive late – and seem to be very interested in the old nest sites; fingers crossed. Meanwhile, small tortoiseshell in the garden made a change from the usual whites, a goldfinch (unusual in our garden though plenty round about) has been frequenting the feeder, and a buzzard raised my pulse rate initially as it hunted low across the cereal field out back. Very harrier-like, I watched for 15 minutes or so and it barely rose more than a few inches above the growing crop until harassed by a couple of crows.

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    • Thanks Tony, glad to hear your Swallows are back. Three Swifts screaming around the house this evening, but they haven’t nested here for 18 years. Sometimes so low and close you could hear their wings cutting through the air.


  2. Blue-tailed Damselfly ovi positing in my pond yesterday and two Pipistrelle bats and one slightly larger bat, possibly a Brown Long Eared, flying over the garden at dusk last night.

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