Well, that was lucky…

Venturing out this afternoon to feed Mrs D’s insatiable lust for compost, I decided to combine it with a spot of exercise and a stroll round the top end of Lunt Meadows in the hope that yesterday’s Temminck’s Stint was still about.
It’s only a ten minute drive down the road, so still good and local, with Len Heaton’s (other garden centres are available) nearby, ordered, socially distanced and tempting me with mountains of peat-free.
I’m not sure why the boss needs so much of the stuff, you can only grow so many tomatoes after all, but it is a fierce addiction and must be sated.
A bit like my need for waders.
Ahem, gloves on and masked up.
Anyway I walked onto the top end of Lunt (the site’s car park just north of Lunt Village is CLOSED) serenaded by Willow Warblers, Cetti’s, Sedgies, Blackcap and Reed Warblers, and the Temminck’s Stint was creeping about amongst the goose droppings on Avocet Island.
Dwarfed by the prodigious piles of poop, I was just starting to grill the bird, when I saw Andy Pryce and Phil Boardman, socially distanced but nearby, so went closer to shout “hello” only to discover they’d just found a crisp Pectoral Sandpiper – double wader joy!!!

I watched the Pec for a few minutes (the guys had gallantly moved away so I could have a look – many thanks fellas) before turning my attention to the stint as it crept about amongst LRPs and Avocets back up the track.
I didn’t hang about, as others would doubtless want to look at the tasty wader combo.
Time to head back to Compost Corner, but not before adding some risible video to my risible pictures here.
You can see my Pec Sand footage on YouTube here and my Temminck’s Stint epic here.
Windblown, wobbly and out of focus – some things just don’t change.

9 thoughts on “Well, that was lucky…

  1. Signed up for garden butterfly survey with lockdown. Only had 9 days with sightings this month so far of 6 sp. Max count of 3!! They are few n far in my garden even spending plenty of hours in.

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    • Stick with it Jack, you never know what might flutter by…. Or you could introduce a few butterfly friendly plants – buddleia, ice plant etc.


  2. We had an animal tick John if that counts. Great views of a common pipestrelle bat in our front garden last night. Zooming around at head height.

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    • Animal ticks certainly count! Did you know that Pips are now split into two different species – Common and Soprano? You’ll need a bat detector to separate them on call frequency though. Superb beasts.


  3. Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Jay have been visiting our garden almost daily the past week. Also had a Common Tern fishing on the small lake next to our estate. Lots of Reed Warblers singing around the edges of the lake.

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  4. Nothing new in our garden other than noisy squadrons of newly-fledged starlings wreaking havoc on the fatballs, feeders and washing (!). Doesn’t look like we’ll have swallows nesting this year. In fact there seem to be very few swallows or h.martins around, and i’ve yet to see a swift. LOADS of bloody wood pigeons though…

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