A low high is better than no high at all.

It was a bit calmer than anticipated this morning, and the tide was barely scratching 7.5m, but you can only go so long without seawatching.
And if it’s ok to sunbathe, it’s okay to seawatch from the dunes by the office at Ainsdale.
I scoped the flattish briny from 8.30am to 10.30am, and while it was pretty quiet, I’ve had worst seawatches – and it was good to say howdy to a few old friends.
The wind picked up a little bit just after the tide so I stayed on longer than planned, just in case.
Out past the Lennox and Irish Sea Pioneer Gannets and smaller number of Manxies were moving south into the wind, and a few pulses of the latter came in a bit closer too.
Amazing birds made all the better by this lockdown pain – cruising round the Irish Sea after an odyssey back up from Tristan da Cunha way no doubt.
Incredible, I love ’em.

18.5.20, Ainsdale, 0830-1030, SWly 2-3:

Gannet 200 (approx)
Manx Shearwater 77
Common Scoter 7
Sandwich Tern 18
Kittiwake 3
RB Merg 2
Great Crested Grebe 2
plus Grey Seal, Turnstone sparkly summer plumage Grey Plover etc.

A quiet morning with GBBs lumbering by and squadrons of Cormorants flapping about, but at least I was looking at the sea – and beyond that horizon is everywhere.
Hope you’re all okay, please keep the comments coming, it keeps me going!

One thought on “A low high is better than no high at all.

  1. Forgot to mention – Yellow Wagtail at School Pool at Marshside yesterday morning during my first exercise walk down there in nearly two months…


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