Huginn and Muninn.

Even at long range the two huge black birds were clearly having a blast has they swooped and tumbled south over the dunes towards our office, tussling and playing.
While so many species, especially shearwaters and pterodromas, can display a breathtaking grace in flight, I can’t think of another species that seems to enjoy flying quite as much as a Raven.
You could almost hear them chortling as they passed over when they weren’t croaking.
They positively encouraged the local Carrion Crows and Jackdaws to have a go at them splitting up to tease the smaller corvids which responded furiously.
It didn’t matter, no one can fly like a Raven…

“Why do I fly upside down? Because I can! WAHAYYY!!!!!”
Great birds – even in these dark days, just seeing them regularly on the coast now is a privilege.
I love hearing about your encounters with these marvellous creatures – keep ’em coming.
Not the only interesting fly-throughs at Ainsdale Discovery Centre today though – at 1.15pm a Cuckoo headed over north, fairly high and obviously on the move.
Fewer hirundines and Swifts in the clear, hot skies mind you.

And in the dunes it was relatively quiet with summer residents that have been settled on territory for the last few weeks, including the resident Stonechat family.
More Wall Browns today, and for the botanists, Milkwort now in flower too.