Sand gaol

A weather eye on the angry purple clouds forming a wall inland above Lancs still failed to produce a Swift today.
I was sure I’d see one surfing along in front of that (how much longer), but as I worked in the garden I had to make do with Kestrel, Buzzard, Sprawk and Peregrine flying through – no great hardship!
Earlier in the day a site visit to the reserve at Ainsdale at 7.30am was a restorative as expected – not much on the move, apart from two Whimbrels and a steady, but light passage of Swallows and Sand Martins scudding north over the dunes.

Willow Warblers are so abundant they are using waymarkers as singing posts (what’s wrong with a tree weirdo?), and Meadow Pipits are doing well too, but just three Groppers today (all in new places, presumably a shift around, rather than new arrivals) and the Lesser Whitethroat was still rattling away.
Not too many Sedge Warblers yet though.

Finally got round to catching up with the Reed Warbler quietly chuntering at the top of Sands Lake, while offshore the Irish Sea was flat calm, if a bit misty rig-wards.
Sandwich and Common Tern, Great Crested Grebe and Harbour Porpoise all visible through the bins, and reminding me of how much I miss seawatching.
Hope you’re all still okay and dealing with it – keep letting me know what you’re seeing in your wing of the prison….